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Whole House Humidifiers

Proper humidity levels in today’s home are the single most important factor in maintaining your home’s furnishings and woodwork. When humidity levels are low, windows begin to gap, wood trim separates, antiques crack, deteriorate and lose their value. Installing a whole house humidifier insures proper humidity levels year around to protect your investments.
The comfort level of your family is greatly enhanced as well, by achieving the right humidity level. Colds and the discomfort of dry sinuses are relieved with the elimination of dry indoor air most common in wintertime. Power humidifiers are easily installed and are one of the best investments you can make!

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Electronic Air Cleaners

We offer the newest technology in indoor air purification! Whole house air cleaning has been a part of our expertise for more than 45 years.
The technology behind electronic air purification is this: Dust particles travel in your home’s air-stream, and as they reach the air cleaner, they become positively or negatively charged. When the dust particles reach the end of the air cleaner, cells that are positively or negatively charged attract and hold the dust until you are ready to clean it off. The size and quantity of dust particles collected depends on the efficiency of the unit.

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High-Efficiency Media Air Cleaners

There are many types of filters available for indoor air in your home. We offer affordable alternatives to electronic air cleaning which include high-efficiency “dry” air filters which can be easily serviced by the homeowner or byour service department. WE have always stocked a very large variety of types and sizes of air filters in all ranges of efficiency.

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Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)

In order to make today’s home more energy efficient, building methods have included extra insulation and making houses more “air-tight.” While this may be great for your heating bill, it often produces a condition known as “sick house.” To alleviate an unhealthy situation and the ability of mold and bacteria to flourish, we can offer Energy Recovery Ventilators which exhaust stale indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air without adding to heating or cooling costs!

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