Commerical Servicing

Reliable Plumbing and Heating, serving Mid-Michigan area for 70 years!

Commercial heating and cooling servicing

Reliable Plumbing and Heating has provided for our commercial customers since 1949, and continues to provide dependable and timely service to a wide variety of customer needs.


Factory trained

Our technicians are factory trained to provide routine and emergency service in a wide variety of facilities. 

Key benefits

Affordable service, Customer-centered service, Cutting-edge solutions
Experienced plumbers & electricians, Family owned
Fast, Friendly, Honest, Locally owned, Professional, Reliable, Quality work

Suited to your needs

Each commercial building has its own special requirements to keep the heating and cooling systems working efficiently. Our professional plumbing and heating/cooling technicians help you understand your facility and help you determine how to best meet your needs.

We work around your schedule

While knowing that your building needs commercial heating and cooling servicing is straight forward, finding time to schedule servicing is quite another! We schedule our work when it is convenient for you. We believe commercial heating and cooling servicing should be a relief – not a pain!

Call us to set up an appointment today for all of your commercial heating and cooling servicing needs! We can discuss your special needs and then let our professionals get to work for you!

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