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What is a generator?

A generator converts mechanical energy into electrical power. For times when the electricity inevitably goes out, it’s a smart idea to have a backup system to generate power.

Why install a generator?

Do you have frequent power outages or power supplies that are undependable? We sell and install whole house generators that will eliminate these problems.

Peace of mind

Besides these immediate issues, many homeowners and business owners like to have the peace of mind knowing they won’t be inconvenienced when the power goes out.

Minimally invasive

We are the least disruptive as possible to cause minimal disturbance at your household.

Security while you’re away

Additionally, many people travel more often than they used to. If they aren’t at home when these problems arise, they won’t have to worry about losing their heat in the cold Michigan weather. Also, many homeowners don’t want to leave their homes for a few days in the event of a longer power outage.


Avoid costly repairs

Water damage can also occur with frozen pipes, which is usually a very expensive repair bill. A generator avoids this possibility. Many homes have sump pumps installed to avoid the danger and expense of flooded basements.


How to chose a generator

In choosing a generator, consider the quality of the unit. This determines its reliability, serviceability, and longevity.

Also consider your generator’s power source. Generators for homes and buildings are generally powered by gasoline and propane.

  • Gasoline: Most common, most convenient
  • Propane: Hard to spill, burns cleaner, less expensive, quieter

The importance of quality installation and service

Equally important to unit quality is a good installation. Why use Reliable Plumbing and Heating to install?

Besides our expertise in properly installing generators, if your contractor is local the device can be serviced less expensively and with readily available parts. Knowledgeable service technicians can spot issues before they become problems. Immediately addressing these issues, in turn, makes the appliance more reliable.

How long does it take to install a generator?

Installation of a generator requires cooperation between the installer, electrician, and the gas company (as the gas meter must be sized properly). With proper coordination, we can usually do the job in just one working day.


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